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(24 June 2002)
Years passes, life changes. Its so great to be back again.   
Nothing much pleasure, than picture of memories.
Capture the begining, of the life end.
Well preserved, well treasured, forever...
(26 January 2001)
Happy Chinese New Year! (24 Jan2001)
Well, another year has pass away and its time
again to update some new stuff in here.
More leiso&alphine picture!
(06 February 2000)
Update! I has changed & added  many of 
earlier photos with clearer and higher quality one.
And Exclusive! My mom photos!! :þ
(29 November 1999)
Ok, all my stuffs uploaded..
Just go to see.. :)
(09 November 1999)
More than  half year i didn't update any
new stuffs on my webpage.
Just out of idea maybe??? :P
But before the end of this beautiful year '1999',
i will try to put up some new stuffs in it.
Thing that i can promise is some  new jokes,
my own made & downloadable graphics,
quotes and newer links.
Not forgotten, more photos will be coming up!
(27 March 1999)
Changing my webpage look again.
Page browsing with links bar.
(19 March 1999)
My guest book is ready  (hope so). I changed all
my counter and "round up" the number.
Its hard if  it start back from nil.
(17 March 1999)
Just add a guest book, and i have to
reconstruct all the page!
(15 March 1999)
Cut away the frame to make way for guest book.
I hate to make guest book!
(07 March 1999)
More new photo updated!!
All of the photo is in low resolution.
I just want to test how fast when its downloaded.
(05 March 1999)
New update on my Photo page, Joke, Cool Links
and Quote page. I caught a flu today...  I need a job.
 I hope to set up a page for link exchanging
 between meand visitor of my page.
 Anyone interested please send me your link
 and maybe some descriptionabout it.
 Image link is allowed in my page, but please
 keep it small.

I love you.
Please drop by every time you log onto the net.
Press CTRL+D now to bookmark my page.
Really, i really love you.

Actually there is no certain purpose why my page
are  made. I just came out of my interest and curiosity.
But the most important is for me to learn all about
webpage designing, data handling by web browser,
Java programming for webpage,
graphic designing bla..bla.... no purpose huh?

If you have any comment, idea or suggestions about my page,
or u wanna make friend with me or just anything...
U can either jolt it down in my guest book or E-mail me at :

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