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Hornery/Honnery database
My name is Michelle Hornery and I have been interested in Genealogy for at least 15 years.

The Hornery/Honnery One Name Study began in earnest in March 2000 when I decided to collate all the family tree data that was floating around on many pieces of paper, and enter it into a Family Tree Computer Program so it would be easier to pass on to others who were interested.

I then wanted to see if all the Hornery's in Australia were related so I collected all the Hornery (and Variants) Births, Deaths, and Marriages information available in NSW and QLD. By piecing this all together it became apparent that all the Hornery's and Honnery's in Australia were related to the same two convicts. It had always been a question in the back of my husband's and my mind and because it was such an unusual name when ever we came across it we wondered if they were related to us.

We then decided that we wanted to inform all the other Hornery's and Honnery's of our unique connection to each other. In November 2000 we sent out a letter and condensed Flow Chart to show the relationship of all Hornery's and Honnery's in Australia. We have received a tremendous response to this letter and the tree is growing every day due to the wonderful people who have sent us their family information.

We knew there had been others who had undertaken research on their own branches at different times over the years and we acknowledge their work and thank those who have so generously shared their research with us. We wanted to fill in the big picture and link all the trees together to show the family as one. This was the first time this had been done. I then decided to register it as a One Name Study as all incidences of the name are linked to this one Family Tree and it would make contacting other relatives easier.

The name appears to only exist in Australia. The origins of Peter have not yet been proven nor has his original surname. The names Honoree and Badcock do exist in England around the time Peter was born, but confirmation that either were his surname has yet to be found.

If your name is Hornery or Honnery or some variant of these (a list of most variants is on the Home Page), or one of these names appears in your Family Tree, please contact me.
Information has been collected from the following Sources:
Hampshire Records Office, England
Newspapers and Printed Books
Parish Register Entries - UK and AUS
Many other Researchers who have kindly shared their work with me
NSW Births Deaths and Marriages
QLD Births, Deaths and Marriages
VIC Births, Deaths and Marriages
Convict Indent Records
Census and Muster Records
Public Records Office, Kew, England
Local Studies Collection, Hawkesbury Library
Family History Collection, Lake Macquarie Library
Descendants of Peter and Martha
This page is maintained by Michelle Hornery
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