NAME: Chrissy Jackson

AGE: 18

HOMETOWN:Sacramento, CA.


VITALS: 35C-24-35


ALL ABOUT ME: Welcome everyone to my home page...My name is chrissy from Sacramento, CA.I've been in LA for just under a year. I love the weather here (doesn't everyone). I was working in retail, but now I'm getting into modeling.  In my spare time I love playing around with my web cam..i admit to being a real show off...but a little shy at first.

I have a friend from Miami who showed me this really excellent place called Ifriends . ..its real kewl, you can do whatever you want on your web cam ..with thousands of guys and girls in heaps of different catagories from all around the world..  i just had to fill in a simple adult varifcatin form..and i have got FREE Lifetime Membership!!!

Anyway enough talk i am going to look through ifriends for some of those guys my friend has been telling me about.bye for now xxx 000 chrissy'


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