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Horrocks Genealogy and Family History Site

As I have tried to discover more information about my Genealogy, I have discovered that the Horrocks information is sometimes rare and hard to find.  This site will be solely dedicated to research regarding the Horrocks family name and history and stories regarding the Horrocks family. 

This web site's success will depend on your submissions of Genealogy, Family History Records, Photos, etc.  If you can e-mail it to me, I'll make sure that it gets on this site for the help of yourself and others.

This site will always be a work in progress.  Currently the site is going to have the following categories for your research needs.


Horrocks Genealogy Records.  Find your ancestors or possible links in your family tree.


Horrocks family history.  Read stories that about the Horrocks past.


Horrocks Resourses.  Links, e-mail addresses, and other helpful on-line tools.


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Of course I am always open to suggestions for this website, so just e-mail me at Horrocks_Genealogy_2000@yahoo.com