Smorgasbord of Crappola 


Starring: Adam West, Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether,
Frank Gorshin & Julie Newmar

This TV movie was a reunion for the cult classic 60's Batman show.  Starring
Adam West and Burt Ward as themselves, in the present.  Both Adam and West
get mysterious invitations to an auction for orphans, where the old
Batmobile is one of the biggest prizes to be up for bid.  However, someone
steals the classic car right from under their noses.  It's up to the two
actors who played Batman and Robin to find out who stole the vehicle.

The story line then splinters into two - 1) the actors now following "clues"
from place to place, where they are reminded of  2) their historic past, as
re-enacted by younger actors.  The first story tends to get very tedious,
with constant reminders of the past show, and with Adam and Burt, well into
senior citizenship, trying to act young.  The second story was funny at
times, telling the story of Adam and Burt on and off the set of the show.
These tales from the past are embarrassing (Adam with a monkey, Burt getting
injured), bizarre (an egg fight with Vincent Price, Burt's knife wielding
stalker/lover), and ego boosting (Burt's trouble with the Robin costume due
to his large member, Adam's sexual romp with two girls before a press
conference).  But they also provide some humorous insight into the show
(Cesar Romero's refusal to shave his mustache, Adam speaking slowly to
steal camera time from Burt).

It was good to relive what once was, but this could have been much more.  It
is a TV movie, but it was just too corny for me.  The self-referential humor
just got to be too much - the "Kapowwww" license plate, Adam callling his
butler "Alfred", the mannerisms and sayings.  Although it was good to see
Adam do the old Batusi, while I could have done without the batman-laced
lyrics of a rap song in the background.  And if you're looking for a
memorable line (besides the "Holy <insert noun>, Batman!"s), the only one
I can remember is "Never underestimate the power of public transportation."

For fans of the old show only.  And even then, you might be disappointed.

Quality: 2.0  Visuals: 3.5  Intensity: 2.0  Laughability: 4.5 

reviewed 2003