Adam Jenkins's Website
Hello everyone and welcome to my site!  This site has sat unchanged for a couple years now, so I figure I should try and update it for the people who still visit it.
Myself - My page to let you know more about me, my hobbies, and all that other good stuff.
Friends - Some pics of my buddies that I've managed to get scanned and online.
Cars - As of right now this section is mainly pics, and older ones at that.
Links - Some great pages I think you should visit.
Finding Me - Ways of contacting me online.
Sign Guestbook - Click here if you want to add onto my guestbook
View Guestbook - Anyone who posts now will be posting on here
My 98 Maxima - Click this link or the pic above to go directly to the page about my old maxima
My Webcam - This is only online when I choose to have it on while I'm logged onto Yahoo Messenger.
My Counter
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