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Here you can have a look at and read about my horses and I.

My Horses

My horses are very special to me and I am pleased to be able to share some images of them with you.

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foal.jpg (6177 bytes) Nikita's 2002 foal by Kaysand Dharba.  His name is Saydor. He's growing up - now 3yo.

Photo: L.S.

Zaraband Click here for pictures of Nikita's 1997 filly, Zaraband.
Photo: L.S.
Nikita Nikita Bint Kopoola +ch is an Arabian mare, foaled in 1986. She is a very experienced and consistent endurance horse. Nikita has completed more than 5000 km in endurance competition. She has a filly by Arabian Park Saiyid, and a colt by Kaysand Dharba.
Photo: L.S.
Sarah Sarah is a 1977 Standardbred mare. She has been a trail horse and and endurance horse. She has completed 910 km in endurance competition and is now enjoying her well-earned retirement. Sarah shares her paddock with Kaysand Dharba.
Photo: L.S.
Shadrach Shadrach is a 1991 Standardbred x Arabian gelding. He is Sarah's first foal and is by the Arabian stallion Arabian Park Saiyid. He was bred and raised by HorseBloke to be his next endurance horse, and is performing very well, with over 1600 km in competition, numerous Heavyweight wins and two Best Conditioned awards.
Photo: L.S.
Kaysand Dharba Kaysand Dharba joined the herd in June 1999. He is a 1988 Arabian stallion of predominantly Crabbett breeding. Dharba will be campaigned in endurance as a sire of endurance horses. He has already completed three training rides. At Hedley in 2002, he won the Best Novice Horse award in the 40 km training ride.

He was sold to Nat Thome in 2005.

Photo: L.S.

About Me

HorseBloke "HorseBloke" is a 1963 single male. After 15 successful years in competition, in semi-retirement.
Photo: T. Hay.

Fort Valley
In October 1997, Horsebloke rode an endurance ride in the U.S.A. Read about his first overseas endurance ride experience.

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In February 2000, Horsebloke travelled to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. to train endurance horses. During the four months there, he competed in rides in Abu Dhabi and Cairo, Egypt.
Al Wathba Stables September, 2000: return to U.A.E., this time as trainer at HH The President's Al Wathba Stables.
logo.gif (6618 bytes) Equine massage. Horsebloke is a qualified Equine Myofunctional Therapist.
BAREFOOT Barefoot hoof trim stuff. Horsebloke is a natural hoof trimmer.

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HorseBloke lives near Lancefield, 70 km north of Melbourne, Australia

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