A narrow, granite-walled pass opens up before you, mountains towering overhead as they claw at the sky with seemingly malicious intent. But it allures you, for some reason or another, and you cannot help but take that first step forward, hooves resounding on the floor of rock, shadows encasing your body as you move forward, unassure of what waits for you at the other side of the twisting pass. But then, like a spark of hope erupting inside you, it is there... A field with green, undulating waves of grasses opens up in front of you, topped by an illustrous indigo sky. Forests climb up the slope of the mountainside, the branches of the trees lifting themselves up to the highest heavens. And scattered across the plains which dip and spread out upon the floor of the valley, are equine life forms, speckling the knolls with red, brown, black, and cream. The scents are uplifting and the sight is tempting...

But beware, weary travelers,for their is more here than meets the eyes. The blood of kings past stain the grasses under your feet, though it has faded with the rain, and the drama of life in a land of peasants and kings abound. There are those that have laid clam to the deep forests, and there are those that have made their mark... Women have been stolen, men have been killed. Natural disasters have claimed the lives of some, and still the hate of those that dwell within have murdered others. Whether you will walk into a war zone or a theatrical play is up to you...



Season: Spring
Breeding: Yes
Temp: 40-70
Skies: Partly cloudy, sun in evenings
Precipitation: Light rain

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