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You are reading this page because you are searching for answers to your questions. You may have serious problems and you need an advice from other friends. Or perhaps, you are tired of having arguements with people from different internet boards.

Join and help us build this community. Let us estasblish a community of people who who need help and people who desire to help.

You need to know the answers?
   People from all over the world are discovering I-Ching and are getting accurate answers to their questions.

Do you have a question that you need an answer to?
e.g. "Is My Current Job Right For Me?"

Get The Answers You Require!

Some of our friends say:

"Yeah, I suppose so! I was really fool enough to hope against hope. I know from the very start what the right thing to do is. Just learned from his cousin that even during our time, he was having second thoughts about me. I was such a fool! And you're so right!

It's good I found an outlet here.

Thanks for helping me see the truth or should I say, for forcing the truth in me. Hope the healing will not take a lifetime."
  -- Parker74

"Hi Horse,

really appreciate what you have been doing for us providing us free readings, especially you are busy and have to cope with so many things.

Would like to say a word of "THANKS" to you"
   -- Saviola

"P.s. Fellow members, we all owe a big vote of thanks to our friend Horse who unselfishly answers all of our questions in order to help us in our dilemnas."
  -- Bodach

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