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Emilia Holm
Hello! You are reading the web page of Emily Holm, a college student at Mid Michigan Community College. I just finished one year at Central Michigan University, and I decided that it just wasn't working out between us. lol I live in Gladwin, MI, basically Amish country! But hey, it's kind of nice living in such a peaceful area.

I love all breeds of horses, especially any horse with feathers, so you can imagine what it's like living around Amish farms...   My favorite breeds include, most heavy draft horses, Arabians, and Paints.

I play the clarinet, and I sang in the Women's Ensemble at Central. I love classical music, and choral music, too. I love to listen to "Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars Episode I. That's one of my all-time favorite pieces. The Women's Ensemble sang all kinds of stuff, but it's not the same without the bass line!

I recently went to a concert of an Acapella group named Three Men and A Tenor, and it was great!
The link is to the left there, and they have all kinds of cool stuff on their website. You can even listen to some of their songs and pieces that they've sung. They sing anything from Elvis to Motown to Garth Brooks' "The River", my personal favorite. And they do so much stuff besides singing at their concerts, so it was a blast. My boyfriend Nate (*wink*) took me to it at the Mt. Pleasant High School, so I had so much fun. If you get a chance, you should check out the website!

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I just got home from my summer job, on Mackinac Island. I got to drive the Carriage tours there. It was really hard work, although I came away with some sizeable checks. I missed Nate a lot too, even though the longest we were without each other was one month. But that shows how close we are, right? lol I posted the majority of my pictures from up there, so click the link ovr on the left there, and go take a look!

I'm usually online playing pool with my boyfriend Nate, (*wink*) (<<who has a website now) or just plain chatting with friends. If you want to
talkhorses or music or
anything I mentioned here on this page, instant message me, or send me an email, and we'll chat!
             ~Emily Holm

                      a.k.a. Em-n-em
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