Over the past five years we have developed from a Sole Proprietorship
with a single pony trailer, into a Limited Liability Corporation with several sizes and styles of trailers, to suit our customers various needs. All our trailers are tag-along style, with 2" tow ball, and simple electrical hookups for ease of use. We currently offer several 2-horse trailers in standard, or x-tall/x-wide sizes and one 4-horse size (20') livestock trailer. Horse'n'Around will continue to purchase more trailers to meet customers needs, well into the future.


Our purpose is to provide and promote an innovative method of transporting equines (and other livestock) for the average horse owner. Rather than spending several thousand dollars purchasing a trailer that will seldom be used or  calling a commercial hauling company, the animal owner will have the option of  renting our trailers. Then the horse owner can haul the trailer with their own vehicle, and have total control over all aspects of how the animals are prepared for travel, transported, and cared for at their destination.

With this in mind, Horse'n'Around also provides other services, such as rental of protective head and leg coverings, rental of receiver sleeves to adjust the height of the trailer when attached to the tow vehicle, and advice on training horses how to load and ride inside the trailer quickly and easily.  We publish our own "horse trailering guide" and offer it free of charge to all who use our trailers. The guide is full of practical tips and advice on trailering horses; great places to take your horse for pleasure riding;  wonderful vacation destinations; information on transporting horses across state lines; and much more!

Sandra Larcque 188 Main St
Fremont, NH 03044