Hey there!. Welcome to the Team SC F-Body home page. We are still working on it at the moment so if you'll bare with us, we should have this up and running soon. Thanks:-)

Team SC F-Body is a group for F-Body owners from the South Central part of the USA to come and hang out and have some all around good times:-) We now have a message board(I know, it's nothing fancy)so members can chat:-)SC F-Body message board. If you are in the North West part of the us and would like to join a club please go to Team NW F-Body.
UPDATE!(3-3-00) We now have a better message board gratuitously provided by MadMike and the Second Generation Camaro Owner's Group. You can go to the team topic here.
UPDATE!(3-3-00) Attn all members! You can now submit your home page the Team SC F-Body web ring using this link, Join the Team SC F-Body web ring!


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