Slicks witch

            Slick and evil
Slicks left prints
            A puff of peppermint

            Devil dancer
Rich witch

Slicks witch 1999 apha

Slick is homozygous / tobiano
Which means he will throw the
tobiano color on solid colored mares 100% of the time. He is broke to ride and has a great mind. We are anxiously awaiting his first foals this year. He should produce nice colts with good minds and a lot of shape.
Fee $300 lcfg

Scots shi skip

           Scotch bar time
Zippo scotty
            Ms sunny zippo

            Old man prunes
Shi lady bug
             Shi bs

Scots shi skip 2001 aqha

" floyd " has been in training for several months. We believe that he will produce a nice riding horse with good looks and color.
Fee $300 lfg