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Hey ya'll welcome to jens stable. With cool horsey facts. games and more. Just click on a link and set your 100% horse mind free!

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Have a awsome horse?! Do you think your a fun loving rider? Want the world to know? Well E-mail me a phot of you and your  horse. Your name. Your horses name, and breed. And why you horse or your a cool rider and you can be rider of the week. And get a cool little award to put on YOUR site!

Some Cool Horsey Hints

Got some cool and helpfull horsey hints for some riders and horse owners? E-mail me the cool facts. Share the wealth as we should say. Thanks alot.

"Give up the car, not the saddle. =)" Jenn

"A Horse Is a Best Friend, Try not to loose intrest!" Kelly


** Updates and News** *~Hey guys sorry for not updated for sooo long I have been soo buzy. With homework,chores,and everything else I just havent had no time to do this! Soo I asked my mom to put my online when ever I get home soo now I can do this when I get home!! I did some research soo now we have some more information here at Jens Stable! My workers and helpers did alot of work soo please be kind to them. They really try hard to find some stuff and to help me be in style with the internet world! =) Ok soo enjoy this fully updated page! Hey also were taking a vote for something do you guys want me to put on a poll on this site?? I also wanna get some new stuff. You can sign the guestbook for me... Thank You! Anyway if you are looking for some Tack I got 4 sponsers! Also If you have a Club or Riding stable anywhere in the USA or even international Jens Stable will Sponser You!! Also I am now updating something called the Riders NewLetter sign up for that!! It is really fun! With breed of the week and stuff! Also the Riders Diary! Hope you enjoy this new stuff! Cause I am really trying to make this fun! If you have any suggestions put them in the suggestion box below! Thanks alot! ~*

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Clubs And Tack Shops!

Got a horse club or webring e-mail  me so other horse lovers can join. Also we support tack shops and riding stables anywhere in the USA thanks.

Hey every one here are some New Clubs and Tack Shops!

Grand Prix Discount Tack: " They got all your horsey needs!"

Country Supply: "They got pretty good pricies!"

Horse Stuff Co: "This place is cool! I already order some great horse cookies!"

Tack in The box: "Neat Stuff Here!"