How to Backup on a Horse

Is your horse not going the way you want it to? Are "forward" and "fast" the
only words it understands? If you answered yes to either question, try these
steps to learn how to tell your horse to back up. 

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* Steps:
1. Sit at attention with the horse standing square on all four legs.
2. Lower your hands.
3. Apply pressure with your legs and seat, as if to urge the horse to walk forward, and increase tension on the reins at the same time.
4. Squeeze and relax the reins repeatedly, indicating "back up." Do not pull on the reins.
5. Back up as needed and stop once the horse has responded.
6. Use your legs to keep the horse backing up in a straight line. Increase pressure with your right leg if the horse lists to the right, or with the left if the horse lists to the left.
a.  Step 1 b.  Step 2 c.  Step 4
If the horse puts its chin to its chest, it is trying to resist your command.
Make sure the horse's head is down when you back up.
Horse riding can be a dangerous activity that could result in serious injury or death. I recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before you attempt this activity.

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