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To all you who are not 'asking' where I waz, well Im here...but Im sorta fed up whit you all (well, not ALL of you)!!! I guess some of you think me and sara are like best buds or something and that we hate all the rest of you, well thats not it. Then I had a fight with another member, and I havnt updated in forever. I started in a new humungous sim game (Not quite finished) whom a online-friend of mine made, called equination (shadyhillfarm.com) so if ya wanna check that out. Yup, Im closing down so Ill cya all hope u have a nice life. BYE
Chaith(aka Me)

There is another part of HE that is a Roll-playing-game, called Horses Everlasting-RPG Please check it out-its new!
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