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Oct.16, 2009

We're up to date through California Futurity and NCASHA. Let us know if you have questions. In most divisions we point championships or stakes only. In equitation, we point age groups if they ran, the stake or championship if age groups were not offered. We do not point medals. You can't win an award for the year if you didn't acquire points in that division in at least two shows.

If you do have a question, get in touch with Babs or Nora. Geocities is closing on October 26 and this website will die with it. An exciting new website will replace it -- not just points but pictures and ads links and everything you need to know if you show Saddlebreds or ponies in California, Arizona, or Oregon or Washington or Nevada. Some compromises had to be made in this posting because the structure of the spreadsheet changes. You won't find the park and pony divisions posted. If you need those standings, email and I'll email-reply them back.

Friesian points are tracked separately by Cathryn Hager If you have a Friesian question, please contact her.

Please tell your friends (and trainer) the address of this website.
And remember to check back here often.

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