Horsewishr's Place

The view from the house--torrential rains and
cool mornings make lots of fog.

An aerial photo, circa 1998. (Not much has changed, but the pasture's in better shape now.)

Mid-winter sunrise. Believe it or not, our sunsets are even more spectacular.

My first horse, Inge, who I bought as a 5YO racing retiree.
I lost her to colic in April, 2006. She was an absolute sweetheart,
but she dumped me more times than I can count!
RIP, beautiful girl. I miss you.

My new 2000 QH gelding, Jay. His previous owner said he was
"too fast" for western pleasure,(LOL). But he's a very willing dressage
partner (swoon), and there may even be a 3-day-event in our future.

Jay's taken to trail riding like a duck to water.

Lady. Miniature horse, or 350-pound hamster?

Wanna see my Chicken Coop???:
La Casa de Gallinas

In case you're not sick of my pictures yet:
Horse Camping "up north"