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Welcome to Horsey Spike's Fan-Fiction Archive.

Below are links to different sections of my fan-fic. Each link has a description about what kind of fic you'll find when you click on it.

Last updated: August 11, 2001

What's New?

The Vampires-Mostly Spike and Angel fic, with some other vampires thrown in at a future date.

The Vamp Connection- Spike, Angel, and other living people.

Light of Sunnydale-Fic featuring the Sunnydale crew.

Darkness of LA-Fic featuring the Angel cast.

Series of Stories-Group of fic.

Links-Links of other fan-fic sites, lists, and other misc. fic things.

E-mail Horsey Spike- Send me e-mail! Feedback, comments, I'll take anything!

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