You have learned new terms, and viewed political advertising past and present.


It is time for you to get creative!

Here is the story....

You will assume the role of a campaign advisor.

 You will be responsible for packaging your candidate for an upcoming election.

As a campaign team, you will be responsible for all the advertising for your candidate in the upcoming election.

The Big Tasks


1. Each individual needs to maintain a journal.


You will keep a record of the ads you viewed and your reactions to those ads.

2. Each team needs to complete at least ONE print ad.

This may be created using Microsoft Word, or drawn freehand.

Your team may decide to create more than one version of the print ad, in order to create an advertising portfolio for your candidate.

3. Each team needs to create a website for your candidate.

This will be created using Microsoft Word 2000.

Details on Website Requirements can be found in you packet or downloaded here.

           Word Version
           PDF Version


Each section of the project will be graded separately and then combined into an overall grade.

Check out the "Rubric" button for grading specifics!

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