Now, you have learned some of the technical terms used by advertisers. 

It is time to examine and  evaluate some actual advertisements.

Websites to Visit

Print Ads and Political Propaganda

Original Campaign Posters Online

Campaign Buttons.com

See some powerful posters and campaign buttons.

Political Television Ads

The :30 Second Candidate
The Living Room Candidate - A History of Presidential Campaign Commercials

Spend some time at these sites.

 What makes these ads effective and persuasive?


As you watch the clips, think about what techniques are being used to persuade you.

Was the ad effective?

Did the ad reach its targeted audience?



1. Keep a running record in your Journal.

Record each of the ads you view, and what makes the effective or ineffective.

Make notes about what techniques seemed to be most persuasive.

2. Complete Print Ad Analysis found in your Packet

Find out what makes print ads effective.
Word Version
PDF Version

3. Complete Television Ad Analysis found in your Packet

Analyze 4 Different political ads - both past and present.
Word Version
PDF Version

4. Go to Tricks of the Trade.

See how music, voice-overs, and camera tricks can effect advertising.


When you complete these tasks, click on the "Campaign" button.

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