Here is the breakdown of how the Advertising Web Quest will be graded.

Journal Requirements

1. The Journal was used throughout the Unit.

2. Entries were thoughtful reflections of the progress of the Unit.

3. AT LEAST  2 print and 4 TV ads were reviewed in detail.

4. Entries into journal show the development of your own Advertising Campaign.

Print Ad Requirements

1. The Purpose of the Ad is clear.

2. The name of the Candidate is prominent.

3. Slogan is memorable.

4. Colors and Symbols are used effectively.

5. Ad remains simple and uncluttered.

6. Spelling is correct throughout.

Website Requirements

1. Purpose of the Ad is clear and logically organized.

2. Colors and Symbols are used effectively.

3. Candidate's name is clear to the viewer.

4. Repetition of ideas or candidate's name is effective.

5. Web Page ties into Print Ad to create an entire campaign.

6. Links are consistent and easy to find so that the user can easily navigate back and 
    forth through pages.

7. Photos, icons, and clip art are appropriate, of high quality, and download fairly

8. Spelling is correct throughout.

9. Words are "striking" and have verbal impact.

10. Sentences are clear, complete and of different lengths.


These elements each will be rated

on a scale from 1 to 5.

(5 will be the highest possible grade, per element.)

There are 20 different elements, each worth 5 points.

The highest possible point total will be100.



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Great Job!

 You have successfully completed the Web Quest!

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