August 29, 2006
Finally made an update

January 30th 2005
New collectables to show

January 23rd 2005
Been awhile for updates, but there is one in collectables and 
updated anime I have seen and manga section.

November 29th 2004
     New update in collectables section 
November 11th 2004
     Updated Manga section, and collectables section.
September 6th 2004
     Created this site. There was much rejoicing.
     If there are pictures on here of you that you would like removed 
     please e-mail me and I will be happy to oblige.

Anime is the best thing in the whole world. And I'm sure you agree with me otherwise you wouldn't be here. That is why I decided to make this site. This way I can show pics of some conventions I have been to and communicate with other fans.

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