Meian Territory, Despondence
Meian is a land once migrated to by a group or small migration of changlings.  They had left as part of the history connected to the Leader of Meian.  The land to this day remains guarded and protected by the woman Hoshi Hasu.  The clan that she hopes to build someday, is one that would serve the elemental spirits and protect those who ask only if their cause seems justified.  The clan cannot wage war upon another out of spite or hate, due to the laws the elemental spirits have laid claim upon the land itself.  A member cannot kill someone out of hate, only out of defense or protecting someone that is actually there and near them at the time.  It is asked that no member try to come into a battle if avoidable.  This is set to help keep the peace of the land.  The changlings left and Hoshi continued to guard the land, but her race had changed due to something connected to her past life.
Follow the buttons to their prospective places.  The button to the right of the words, leads to that particular area.  Follow them to know where they lead, choose your path.
Hoshi Hasu, Meian's Guardian
Places within Meian Kingdom/Valley
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Lorenz Messageboard
Blackthorne Kingdom, Allies and also the Ruler is Husband to Tsuki Hasu.  Also, Meian Messageboard now through Merger as well as Stygia's.
Xexoria is another Ally to the Meian
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