Recent Updates:  March 15, 2001...Page is taken down for renovations.....AGAIN!!! ~_~

To the three or so people that still come here,

Gomen nasai...

For the very few people (and I do mean very few) that actually come to this page regularly, I'm sorry to say that I'm axing this version too. Cutting it. 86 and all that jazz. Hopefully, if I do get some free time in the near future when I'm not in school, in Yahoo! Anime, or working on a webpage for class, I can make a new page that'll be better. Hopefully it'll have a single topic other than the random crap that's usually on my pages. Probably a shrine to my favorite female anime and videogame characters.

In other words, my page on my chat life: Gone. I'm sick of people whining about not being on my list of friends. I have over 100+ friends, lovers, admirers, worshippers, etc. in that place and not enough room to list them all, let alone remember them. Besides, it was a stupid idea anyway. Amazing how many people mimicked me, although I was inspired by someone else to do it,
Shrine to my one and only: buh-bai. I broke up with her four months ago, although I still care for her a lot and she's still a great friend.
My MSTings....hmm....well, that was the only thing worth showing on this page. Although, due to the fact that I'm on an extended vacation from MSTing fanfiction (translation: lack of decent bot fodder), I really don't have to put them on a page to showcase them since all the people that want to see them have seen them. I could post them on and I might consider that, but I'd have to read through my MSTings again and convert them to the format that the page has, which I'm too lazy to do now. So, that'll be a while before I get to that. ^_^;;

Pocket Bishoujo....will probably stay as part of the anime/video game girl shrine. I'll find some clever way to divide them up though so I won't be loading up 20-30 pics a page.

Okay, I think I've rambled a bit too much, so I'm just gonna stop here. Check back in a month or so to see if this page is ready. Until then...

Sayonara, minna...

Hoshino Mamoru (

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