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Come talk about Hoshi Sato,
or Linda Park, the
actor behind the Lieutenant

Be Cool Like Hoshi
Links to sites about linguistics,
the Klingon language, and other
 subjects that float Hoshi's boat

All Hoshi, All The Time
Other sites dedicated to 
Hoshi Sato and/or Linda Park

A Hoshi Episode Guide
An episode-by-episode breakdown
of when you can see Hoshi
on Enterprise

Hoshi Sato Facts
Everything you've ever wanted
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The Hoshi Sato Appreciation Society

This is a shot of Hoshi studying an alien slug intently.  Does she rock or what!!!


A forum for Enterprise fans to discuss the
 coolest linguist/ translator/ comm officer 
ever to grace Star Trek.

Note:  The HSAS is looking for pictures:  vidcaps, screenshots, whatever, as well as links, articles, news and sites about Linda Park and her character on UPN's Enterprise.  If you have any, I will welcome any and all submissions.  
Pleeeease e-mail me if you have any, and I'll credit you on this site!

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