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Home Page for Issues about Job Corps The place is worse than ever!

It seems that the Oneonta Job Corps Center is improving.

It is not better at providing a safe, efficient environment for students to learn and grow. What a waste of your money. It is your money, you know. It is paid for by federal tax money. But they farm the contracts out to private corporations, for their profit.

It is simply a way for corporations to make money off another government agency which cannot do its job. It doesn't serve your community, it doesn't serve society, and worst of all, it doesn't do well by the students it gets money to serve.

They would like you to believe that anyone against Job Corps is against the population Job Corps serves.

The truth is, if you really care about those kids, you would have someone reliable (not some local "official") look into your local center. The center should be answerable to local citizens who have nothing to gain by taking advantage of disenfranchised youth, and everything to gain by making sure these kids get the quality education and the safe environment, and the respect that every young person deserves.

Thanks to all the people who were so instrumental in getting the previous contractor removed. Lots of people wrote letters to the editor of the local newspaper, talked to politicians, met and discussed how to improve the center, signed petitions and wrote encouraging messages on this site. It looks like you may be needed again.


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