Welcome to TMSH Hospital Win
"Ok ok just sit down there and i will see to you in a second........ right so what have you been up to something dangurous nodought... see him over there he was just trying to show of with new spell he had learnt and look at him now burns all the way down his face but will you lot ever learn NO..... right now whats wrong with you....hmmmm it looks like you have been messing around well have you?.....well that dose not matter is just good you got here as soon as you did not tells see what we
can do with with this.....hmmm.....i think i know what it is but you can never be 100% sure with these things so lets go look it up if you would like to go to the waiting room or just go straight to the diagnosis area we will check what this is.
Hospital Waiting Area
(whilst you are waiting why not have a look at the waiting room and see what there is to do and what we can do to help you i.e. healing spring, faire crosswords answer's and much much more)
Cure Me Please
(go here once to know what you have got only when you have been to the diagnosis area !)
Diagnosis Area
Find out what is wrong with you
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