HOSPITALITY PLUS    A Personalized Quality Control Company
Hospitality Plus is looking for experienced diners as "Mystery Shoppers" in the San Francisco Bay area. What is a "mystery shopper?" Mystery shoppers subjectively evaluate employee performance, overall customer satisfaction, and food and drink for restaurant owners and/or general managers.

At Hospitality Plus, we believe that nothing is more important than the customers' perception of a dining experience which can only be done by "real customers", mystery shoppers", to perform evaluations. These evaluations are conducted by anonymous visitations by mystery shoppers.

Customer service has become the difference between success and failure for many restaurants since the mid 80's. Successful restauranteurs are contracting companies like ours to evaluate the level of satisfaction which their consumers are receiving.

Trained mystery shoppers enter an establishment with the knowledge of how a dining experience should be performed by the employees, as well as, proper product presentation. If you are interested in becoming mystery shopper, like to have fun dining out at no personal cost, and have access to a computer, please call or email us.
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