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Hi and welcome here I raise quality top of the line Cyber dogs which are dogs that live on a website They Are Not Real.

Here I specialize in Landseers, Newfoundlands and other large breed dogs .Here is where the best dogs come and play errm show! Anyways I have played many games and you might but probably won`t know me as Blu from FP and LSK from SD .If you dont know what those games are and would like to  know message me at my email .I hope everyone has a great time and remembers to show and do things with there Cyberdogs and that they all have a very safe year.I also want to thank Stage Dragon and Bangles who helped me out !
Ok these are the updates .

Oo I found the borch at Picnic I got a Caanan dog with the award

My image thingy is not working so your gonna have to go for photobucket!

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