Bowers Court
The Addition...
We Like The Wrap-around Deck
The Roof Needs Some Work!
3/4 Back The Lot Looking Up At The House.  3.58 Acres Plus The House Sits On An Additional .5 Acre.
The Side Yard...
Another Favorite As The Grass Is Very Pretty
A Picture From The Deck.
Can You See The Neighbor's House At The Back Of The Lot?

We've called in the final changes to the sales contract.  Mom may pick them up from the lawyer's today so that we may schedule a date this weekend to review the changes with the seller and get it endorsed!

The contract details June 21, 2002 as the closing date and then July 1, 2002 to take possession!  The seller is confident that we may get the keys any time following the closing date.

I'm thinking about taking some time this week to scan in the sales brochure for our current home so that we can share our experience.  We're scheduled for three showings today so keep your fingers crossed!

Our sales contract for buying the Logan property was signed on's official!

A verbal OKAY on our sales contract for selling the Columbus property today!  Did we already find a buyer?!

We should have a hardcopy in our hands by tomorrow.

In the middle of last week we agreed on sales conditions with a buyer for the Columbus property.  An inspection of our home was performed this past Saturday. 

Yesterday we received a list of (minor) unsatisfactory conditions.  This list has about 10 items to be repaired or replaced before closing.  None of them should pose any major problems.

Today we're endorsing what should be the final revision of the sales contract (with the repair items listed).  All that's left is a final walkthrough just prior to closing and then to sit down at the closing table!  We're excited to be coming along quickly.

We visited the property in Logan again this weekend.  We took the dogs with us and introduced them to their new home (outside anyway).  They're going to love it as much we will!  I took a basketball with me and shot baskets for a bit in the church parking lot.

A successful closing on our Columbus house.  A young single lady is buying it and will be making many changes to the interior.  Closing went smoothly and we walked away with a decent check.

We received the report from our pest inspection on the Logan house.  Termites and carpenter bees.  The technician said the infestation most likely originated from the wood pile adjacent the rear of the house.

Treatment exceeds the maximum we agreed to pay so we're requesting the seller cover the overage.  He's always said he doesn't plan on paying ANYTHING in our transaction so we're not optimistic.  Him not paying anything on the overage would permit us to void the contract and walk away from the sale but we don't want that to happen.  We've asked for a reply by this weekend so we may move forward with bank documents.

The sellers auction is this coming weekend (the 8th).  We're going to go see if there's anything we can't live without.  If nothing else, we'll get to hang out at the house for a couple of hours making plans.
6/18/2002  The auction:

The perfect day for an auction.  Cammie wasn't interested in too much but I bid (and won) a few items.  Here's a few of them...
* Rocking chair
* 5' 0" Upright safe
* Neighborhood street signs
* 6' 0
* Sythe
* Floor squeege
* Bench vise
* Tree trimmer
* Couch & chair set
Our seller let us keep all of our new purchases in a room that's already cleaned out.  It will be waiting for us when we move in.