Where's He Been Working?
Since late July of 2001 I've been employeed as a communications technician.  I travel all over Ohio to cities such as Columbus, Wooster, Georgetown and Athens while providing our services to state-owned sites.  Our services include communications equipment maintenance & repair, grounds maintenance and site management.  Most of our equipment operates in the microwave frequency range so our towers are easily identified by being tall (300 to 500 feet) and having parabolic antennas mounted to them.  To me, these antennas look like a drum!  Because of their height, our towers are usually painted red and white (for aviation purposes) and have guy wires to keep them vertical.  If you're wondering, tower climbs are always sub-contracted!
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Ever wondered just how big those antennas are that you see on the towers?  This particular one looks like it measures 12 foot in diameter. 

As the antennas are damaged or no longer needed, they are taken down from the tower.  As you can imagine, removing just one antenna greatly reduces the effects of wind on the tower.
Removing an antenna this large also effects the weight distribution so the guy wires should be adjusted each time a change is made.
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