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2- Oracle Developers and Administrators.
6- Construction and Civil Engineers general notes.
7- Aviation Engineers general notes.
Human, Sports and Vet Doctors - all majors.
Instructors and Teachers (Schools & Universities).
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CVs & Resumes must be sent only to:
NOTE: We contact you only when needed.
1- ERP Consultants (SAP, MBS, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, Beans, Grid Plains, ....).
PH.D and Master Holders (all majors).
3- American University Students, Graduates & staff
General Notes for:
Managers, company direcotrs Busniss men.
Consultants - all other professions.
Non Arabs.
Hospitality and Entertainment.
5- Azhar University teachers.
4- Secretaries.
8- PMP, IPMA, CPA, CMA, CFM, CIA, CFA certified.
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If we personally met before.
Those scheduled for an immediate interview.
Muslims and Non Muslims.
Translators and interpreters.
Artists - all specialities.