Update: 8.2.2009. New live videos: 1 2 3 4 5 youtube.com. Hostian performed live at festival 7.6.08, in Suomi-Finland. Ugly DVD is ready! In Radio Rock vote

Noniin! Updated new official Hostian web is ready. Enjoy your black metal with beer!!!! A live recording is done and waiting for mixing. New studio record is still waiting mixing, you can listen couple of tracks and check out the video at: myspace.com/hostian

At this point of 1993-2008 we have finally manage to get steady live and studio line-up. One private gig have been done at last summer (Finland). It´s recorded live and some of it will be out free as soon as it mixed. Live includes new and old songs of Hostian and one cover. We are planning to do more gigs!

Necrofucker records is labelmark for All Hostian releases. Hostian is looking for distribution and other releasers as well.