Hi. Let me tell you about myself. I like racing.  Mosly NASCAR Winston Cup.  Football.  Go Washington Redskins.   I used to go to school a long time ago, but now I just work, work, work. My favorite color is blue as you can see by the color on my new car.  And I even have better pictures that I haven't posted yet.  I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.  I like traveling and seeing the sites.  You should try that too.
        Mike Rodighiero and family's web page
Love mom and dad.  I have 3 brothers and a sister.  Tons of nieces and nephews.  And have 1 kid of my own and 3 great step-children.  Whew!!!  All between the ages of 15 and 18.  Two girls and two boys.  Now isn't that a handful.  My significant other is Celeste


My hobbies and interests include showing the Mustang, playing softball fishing, camping, traveling in foreign countries, building cars, reading, talking with friends,and people-watching.  Mostly just sit in front of the boob-tube and vegetate.
My best friend is Wally.  You only need one good friend.  All of the other friends  will do, is get you into trouble.  Wally is just as hardheaded as I am.
   The 2 clowns I call my sons
This is my daughter Melissa and her friend Anika. 
The Ranchero
Last updated:  June 22, 2005
In show winning form.  In this show, it won 2nd place.  Not bad for a daily driver
Kinda mean looking from this angle, don't ya think?
As you can see, you dont let the cops catch you.
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