Latex Fetish Information

The Latex Fetish lifestyle has been around for several years.  It was started by individuals who engage in the BDSM lifestyle.  Since latex has become more popular internationally, companies that design latex fetish clothing have started to cater to the non-BDSM individual.  Latex has become an erotic addition to everyday clothing.  From latex jeans and t-shirts to latex catsuits and lingerie, latex is now becoming more acceptable in many parts of the world.

Latex has a unique look, smell and feel.  Its shiny and sleek look make it sexy and somewhat modern or high-tech.  Its smell is indescribable.  It has a smell like nothing else I've ever smelled.  The smell alone will get you all worked up.  The way it feels is also very unique.  The tightness against your skin is also very erotic.  When lubricating or shining your latex, it stimulates your skin like nothing else.

Latex is such a beautiful thing.  There is nothing in the world quite like it.  I was first introduced to latex clothing in 1994, while looking at pics online at a website for a company in New York City that sells fetish clothing.  I was immediately hooked.  From that day on, I have had a passion for latex fetish clothing.  I currently have several pieces of latex clothing and accessories which I wear frequently.

I am fortunate enough to live 20 minutes from New York City, which has several fetish clubs and bars which have nights strictly for those who love leather and latex.  I was surprised, and pleased, to find that there are many people like me who have the same interests as I.  I've been lucky enough to meet women who enjoy the fetish lifestyle, some of which I have become very close friends with.

As a 26 year old male, I'm still a little nervous about approaching female friends and accomplices and inquiring as to whether they would find an interest in fetish clothing.  I'm really curious, yet didn't want to freak them out and lose a friendship.

This is when I turned to Yahoo!.  About 3 years ago, I developed a Yahoo! Club strictly for individuals interested in the latex fetish lifestyle.  The club grew to almost 7,000 members before it was shut down by Yahoo! for reasons I still don't understand.  Yahoo!  considered the site pornographic in nature, even though there was no nudity what-so-ever in the club.

I've since recreated and continue to moderate three other Yahoo! Clubs (Now part of Yahoo! Groups).  All of the groups are very active and I've met some pretty interesting people through it.

Now I've decided to take it even further, to help others find what they are looking for and to have people who know the latex fetish lifestyle help answer questions and provide suggestions and comments.  I bring you Latex Fetish Network, an international network of people like you and me who have a passion for the fetish.

So browse around and see what this site has to offer you.  If you have any comments or suggestions for improving this site, please feel free to send me e-mail!

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