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Some Facts About HOT 93.7 WZMX
"Hot 93.7" was born on March 16, 2001 after a format flip from "Z 93.7 Dancin' Oldies" to "Hot 93.7" Hip Hop and R&B. "Hot 93.7 WZMX" is located on 10 Executive Drive in Farmingtion where the other CBS Radio  owned stations are also located. The tower is on top of West Peak Mountian in Meriden, CT. "Hot 93.7" is also the first Urban station on the FM dial in Connecticut. The only other Urban radio station in Connecticut at the time was "Jamz 910" which was on the AM dial and was in Mono and not Stereo like FM is. Today "Jamz 910" format is Spanish, they had to change their format because WZMX was the new Hip Hop and R&B station and most jocks that worked for "Jamz 910" went to "Hot 93.7 WZMX". Hot 93.7 has been on the air for about 3 1/2 years now going on 4. March 16, 2005 will be 4 years for this great station.
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Formats On 93.7 Before HOT 93.7 WZMX
This radio station first went on the air in the late 1980's and was owned by American Radio Systems, they owned it till 93.7 was called "The 70's Station" until CBS Radio brought the station. The first format on 93.7 FM was know as "Super 94 FM", first call letters were WLVH and the format was Spanish, that was later dumped in 1991. After that the station briefly went dark and had the "NOAA Weather Radio" on the station for about two weeks. After the two weeks the station changed the call letters to WZMX and started as Adult Contemporary. They called the station "Mix 93.7" WZMX, that format was only around until mid 1994. Then from 1994 - 1998 WZMX 93.7 became know as " The 70's Station" in Hartford which had different types of Classic Rock formats.  After that 93.7 with the same call letters called itself "Classic Hits 93.7", this happened in 1998. Very soon afterwards in May of 1999 it became know as "Z 93.7 Dancin' Oldies" which played 70's hits. That was a great format and many people loved it. Their were only two different call letters for 93.7 WLVH and WZMX which they use still today. That is the information on the different formats WZMX 93.7 had in the late 1980s when this station first went on air and during the 1990s to today which it is know as "Hot 93.7 WZMX."
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JD Houston the former PD and Morning Show Host said, Infinity Broadcasting (now know as CBS Radio) made the decision to switch to the new format, because it is one the of fastest growing formats in the country. He also said there were many listeners for Z 93.7 and that was great but the advertising revenue wasn't where it should have been. The competion for the older adult market is significant and many of the station in the region target the older population. Since this format flip, there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of businesses contacting them to advertise on the new Hot 93.7. This new Hip Hop and R&B format isn't geared to only kids, it is geared to the 18-34 year old listener, college students, young professionals, adults with same concerns about family, career, relationships, marriage. Said JD Houston. 93.7 will still have an adult flare and the morning show will still have an adult concept.
Why The Format Change Happened
HOT 93.7 Is The Fastest Growing Station
Urban Radio Takes State By Storm
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FCC Facts About Hot 93.7 WZMX
"Hartford & CT's #1 Station for Hip Hop and R&B"
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Viacom, Infinity Radio's Parent Company has made it clear that they will rebrand Infinity Radio to CBS Radio. It was once called CBS Radio in the 90s then went to Infinity soon after. It is great that the CBS name is back in radio and that Hot 93.7 is owned by such as great company like CBS Radio.
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