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Aug 11

SOMEBODY STOP ME. I want to scratch my eye so bad. It's so itchy!!! *sob*

So I still haven't found the courage tree (March 17). And I need to do it FAST. My eye problem seems to be getting worse as I speak and it's pretty obvious I have no choice but to undergo an operation. *double sob*

Will prolly go under the knife in a week's time. Or this friday. Not sure yet, but it's gonna be SOON. Gave myself an end-of-the-month ultimatum. Just to get things over and done with.

So yeah, lemme go find that darn tree now.

ria ~ 5:05pm

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Aug 9

Two months and one week. That's how long I've been in my current job. And in that span of time, I can count the times I've felt truly fulfilled and sure of myself. I have to admit, I haven't gotten rid of my confidence issues... yet. Somehow I'm still stuck at that phase when I'm almost always in need of reassurance. For anything I can hold on to that will serve as my anchor. Just so I wouldn't feel as though I'm free falling into nothingness.

For the past forty days I've been on the lookout for signs, gestures, words... anything that would indicate that I am doing my job right and that I am not in any way, in danger of getting kicked out. So far, so good. And today is probably one of those I-wanna-smile-and-jump-for-joy-days. Even if I'm missing someone. But that's beside the point.

Madam Big Boss just told me she liked a couple of my ideas. *blush grin glow*


* * *

I had some tukneneng (kwek-kwek.. quail egg whatever) again after ages of not tasting them. You really should try them kuya! YUM. ^_^

ria ~ 5:38pm

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August 4

I. AM. SO. FULL. i had a super late lunch (PLUS a really heavy merienda) today because i spent most of my morning at the world trade center for the WOFEX (World Food Expo) where i stuffed myself good, sampling most of the booth offerings. unfortunately, while my tummy was satisfactorily filled, my wallet suffered a noticeable weight loss. gah. i really really need to control my spending or else i wouldn't make it through the next payday again. but then, it's not like i spent good money for very selfish reasons. the food i tried out were good and i just wanted my family to try them out as well. so there. i have my alibi.

that makes me totally excused for spending more money than necessary. but nothing (not even the fact that today's the bday of my ever favorite AE -- which explains the uber yummy merienda) can excuse me for being such a pig. so much for trying to lose weight.

food enthusiasts are all invited to drop by the World Trade Center along Roxas Blvd. for the WOFEX! it'll be open until this saturday, August 7. promise it will be worth the trip! ^_^

many thanks to all those who bothered to email me their answers to the question below! ^_^ those who haven't yet, you still can!

ria ~ 5:12pm

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July 27

Okay, assuming that someone else reads this thing besides me, i need YOUR help. it's nothing much really, but your replies would be greatly appreciated. it's a simple matter of answering a question via email and that's it. ready? here goes..

What would make you leave the comforts of your home at ungodly hours of the day? That is, except for accidents that require immediate medical attention and going out with your friends. (e.g. waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that you NEED a new bottle of nail polish ASAP!! well, you get my drift.. :-P)

All clear? Now go forth and email me.

Please? ^_^

ria ~ 12:31pm

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July 26

i was in the middle of research when i stumbled upon this..

"He was happy because it was him who was making that promise to the girl that he loves, not somebody else. He wanted her to know that she can trust him and he was not going to break that trust. He was eager to fulfill that promise. He was hanging on to her, ready to protect her from anything. I woke up smiling, still carrying those feelings with me. I wonder if men really do feel that way when they’re inlove." - pao

my sentiments exactly.

ria ~ 4:51pm

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July 23

you know you're getting older when you get together with friends and you end up talking about jobs and marriage and pregnancy and everything else in between. whatever happened to those days when all you had to worry about were passing your classes and making sure the org activities went smoothly? now you're talking about not just what happens next GA but what becomes of your futures. it was kinda scary.

or maybe i just found it rather weird. a year out of college and i'm still not used to it. i still wish i were back in school sometimes. prolly coz it'd be great if i could see him on a daily basis. but then again, being part of the workforce does have its perks.. like getting paid and being treated like an adult.

but then again, it's just been a year. give me a couple more years to get used to it.

ria ~ 4:54pm

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July 15

two of my officemates studied in spain for some time. three of them (those two included) are taking up level 11 classes in Spanish. as i write this, a Spanish song is playing in the background.

so what? (you might be thinking.. to which i answer, hold on i'm getting there).

i took up Spanish 1 for the required foreign language class in admu. i got an A in that class, i'm proud to say. i was literally obsessed with the language back then. patiently memorizing the translations and dialogues and using them in casual conversations with friends. during the final oral exam, i went absolutely giddy because of what mr. scary spanish professor told me: "you should take up Spanish 2." that i supposed, meant my (then) current grasp of the language was good enough to qualify me for the next level. unfortunately, plans to do such never pushed through.

now as i listen to the music, recognizing only bits and pieces here and there, i can't help but wonder whatever happened to the promising Española in me. obviously forgotten and buried some dark corner of my soul.

quiero aprender el español otra vez. ¡Gracias a usted!

ria ~ 7:36pm

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July 19

B-buddy and Shopping buddy rolled into one

So what if we ended up tired and our legs ached to no end? It more than made up for our lack of exercise anyway and wouldn't it be glorious if we actually lost pounds because of what we did? ^_~ It was tiresome, yes. But it was also a lot of fun. Like her who proved to be a tough windowshopping companion, you've earned yourself another title in my vocabulary. Looking forward to our next escapade for those 70% off sales and uber cheap and kikay flipflops. ^_^

i was supposed to wear them to work today but mama insisted that i don't. *sulks* seems like i'll only get to wear them on weekends. oh well.

ria ~ 11:58am

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pixie sprinkles

Love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves; we simply awaken it. But in order to do that, we need the other person. The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with.

-Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

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