~~Amber Mania~~
Welcome to my new website!!!!
About Me
My name is Amber, I'm 18 and live in Montreal, Canada, but I travel a lot all over
North America.

I'm also looking for more exposure to the online porn industry.
I currently work for WildSpice Productions.
I had to content protect my porn photos and videos due to people stealing them (GRR)

June 15th,

I recently sat down with a well known online adult film maker and discussed
different projects for us to work on in the coming days. I'm really excited because
It'll get me noticed for certain 'skills' I have :) Ill let you all know when you can
expect my new video soon.

June 9th,

I was noticed on the street yesterday, that was a little interesting, fun though! I
want to give a shout out to Mike, thanks for helping me put together all my
hardcore pics into one quick download for whomever wants. Sorry If I took a few days to respond to some of your emails, I couldn't get in for some reason! Im also not keeping my news updates on this page for very long, so check back.
My Pics
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