This page is just html for people to learn and copy if you want to make your black planet, migente or asian avenue pages hotter just copy these codes and you can have your page looking off the hook ya herd me just copy these codes and put your own url in the part that begins with your and end with here


< > Where the html goes
BR breaks down your page one line
I makes your page italics
B makes your page bold
U makes your page underline
HR makes lines on your page
< P ALIGN =" your direction here " > keeps everything in the same line
< font color=" your color here " > your text here < / font > Changes Color Of Your Words
p brakes down your page five lines
H1 makes your words really big
H2 makes your words 1 size bigger
< TD > your picture here < / TD > keeps tables and anything in table on the same line
< font size = " your number here alone here or with a + or - in front of it " >changes font size


Each of these codes have the name of the code and what it do. Now if the code say not for bp - that means that this code cannot be used on blackplanet, migente, or asian avenue ect.. but on other pages like geocities, angelfire ect... and if the code says for guestbook only then you can put that in your guestbook. Most of the codes should work some of these were updated. if you need an updated codes look at the bottom of the scroll box.

Page Styles

This will change the text of your page plus give you a
boarder and give you a background for your page links
and your note box

I Frames

you can put this any where on your page and have another
page In your page

Background Music

with tis you can add one audio file to your page and
play it without have a real player or any other player
on your page

Glow In The Dark Table

here you can make all of your words glow or gif pictures
glow or jpg pictures and have a glowing boarder around

Profile Table

you can use tbis to change your profile so people can't
see some stuff you don't want then to see


you can make certain words move accross the screen in
certain directions you can try to get crazy by putting
two directions together


Go to part of spacific pages without finding it

Div Frames

Put This Any Where On Your Page For Better

Page Block

Put This On Your Page To Keep Other People From Stealing Your Finest Work


Put Your Best Pictures Any Where On Your Page

Page Style 2

Here Is Another Page Style For You To Use

P Style Frames

Put This Any Where On Your Page For Better

Div Style Frames 2

Put This Any Where On Your Page For Better
Navigation Without Them Other Numbers To Move Them

Fading Marquee's

Put This Any Where On Your Page see how phat your page looks

Pull Down Menu

Use This For Shouts Or If You Have Not A Lot To Say

Text Boxes

Use This To Put Html Codes In Da Codes For Your Banners

Ad Banner Covers

Use This To Cover Up The Ads On Your Page

Raining Picture Table

You Can Use This To Make Pictures Rain Through Out Your

Name Apperance

When Your Page Starts Up A Little Screen
Comes Up And Asks Your For Your Name All You Have To Do Is Put You Name
In And It Comes Up On The Screen (for guestbook only)

Html Maker

You Any Kind Of Html In Here To See If You Did It Right (not for use on bp)

Leaving Ad Pop Ups

Everytime You Exit Your Page
Other Pages Will Come Up (not for use on bp)

Page Block 2

Everytime Someone Right Clicks On Your
A Message Will Come Up And It Will Take Them To Another Page (not for use on bp)

Marquee Slide Show

Have Your Pictures Make A
Slide Show On You Page

Shadow Fonts

Put A Shadow Effect On Your Words

Glow In Da Dark Table Fixed


Page Style 3

Here Is Another Page Style

Page Style 4

Check Out This Unique Page Style


Use This To Put Cursors On Your Page

Marquee Bars

Use This Unique Code To Put Marquee Bars On Your Page

Background Images

Use This Code To Put A Background On Your Page


if your not using the help section then you should do the following

1. - open a new text document (right click on desktop, new, text document)

2. - copy all the codes your gonna ues in the text document

3. - save the document as "what ever you want".html

4. - click the web page

5. - and that how you would see if you codes are correctly right