This is me 2002.

Hey everyone!! Im Christina....yeah!

My Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies for now are....singing (im really awsome..(they say) at this)/dancing )(im really awsome..(they say) /!WATER!/surfing..(thanx shannon for teachin me how to ride the waves,hangin out with my friend(s).... powerlifting/church....yes i consider this a hobbie/!!teen talent star!! going on 7 years undefeated!!(For what? SINGIN/ region choir winner!! Last but not least....My boyfriend Jason..and he is my intrest....Hey love


Hay all you peeps...hey Amner i changed this site for you thanks for the advice i love you boy!!!(keep in touch) Sara,elizabeth,Rene,Trinity,Jacob,Rudy Cruz i love you!!Erika hey my thug gurl lol okay okay back to reality ok i live in Vidor the worst freakin place to live... i just moved here this suxs I MISS YOU MOM R.I.P ~GOD BLESS THE DEAD~
My Online Life.....oh God the life i live

Um......e-mail and im's.i dont have time to just go in a chatroom and talk to losers who dont have lives looking for hott people to meet