My car is a 1988 Honda Prelude Si.

Here are pictures of my system. It consists of the CDT HD642DT-M 3 way component set up front powered by an ESX Q604 and two Crystal CMP 15's powered by an ESX Q1204. The CDT set resides in custom fiberglass kickpanels I constucted. These are the second set of kicks I have made. Old install pics can be found here.

These kicks are much smaller and i think flow much better than the old ones. The 6.5 driver has been moved to the doors to save space. The soundstage is near perfect now.

The kicks have NOT been painted yet, they still need one last touch up with bondo and a fine sanding. I have just gotten lazy and missed my music so put them in. Yes, for now tape is holding on the tweeters....

The CMP 15's are mounted in their own custom fiberglsas enclosure on each side of the trunk in the rear quarter-panels. They are invert mounted mainly to show the magnets, but it also gave me a tad more air space on some already VERY small boxes. I didn't notice much of any loss in SQ from switching from my old install. (single CMP in a slightly bigger box) so im satisfied. Get's plenty loud and plays low.

Eventually two audiocontrol EQT's will go in there, but i dont know when that will happen considering i dont even have time to paint the kickpanels.

The Q1204 is mounted on the back of the rear seat. My CD changer and ESX Q604 are mounted under the rear deck. This was not easy to do. But it keeps the functionality of the trunk and keeps them out of the way. It was hard to get a picture of them. If you're wondering, I have only had minor overheating problems when i had the amp bridged, luckily i dont run it bridged anymore and it works great.

Click on each thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

Everything was installed by me. Things you can't see are the alarm and power door locks i added. Didn't feel like tearing apart the door, so you will have to take my word for it. The same goes for the fiberglass sub box. I didn't feel like taking it apart to show you the entire thing, so all you get to see is the baffle.

Questions and comments are welcome. Email Me.

Some of the pictures are from an earlier install, so you may not see some carpet where it should be.

Here they are in no particular order:

Here is a wonderful system diagram I made.

Passenger side CMP

I installed a digital volt meter under the HU. Yes, it is reading under 12v...

Here is a shot of my car.

Driver's side CMP

Closer view of the trunk.

View of the trunk.

The ESX Q604

Both CMP's from the side.

Different angle.

Pasenger kick, again.

Pasenger side kick.

When you can take 160 pictures with a digital camera, you find yourself taking pictures of strange things...

Driver's side kickpanel. A tad dirty, but its only primer.

The Q1204 looking through to the trunk.

My car again.

The Q1204 on the fold down seat.

View of the trunk.

This is the driver's side kick, the little ring above it is the hood release I made. It really helped free up space for the driver's side kick.

Here is my battery and fuse. Why you would want to see it, i don't know.

Shot of a CMP and the Q604 and CD changer in the background.

Another shot of the driver's side kickpanel.

View through the rear seat of one of the CMP's.

The mdf panels of the trunk floor lift up to gibe me acces to my spare and jack.

The Q604 (old pic)

Passenger side kickpanel with the door closed.

My newfound pair of Audiocontrol EQT's.

You can't fit anything extra into this cramped engine compartment.