Hot or Not
Cabinet Edition

Politics is all about who's hot and who's not. So what better way to gauge the popularity of the current administration? Below are the twenty-one members of George W. Bush's cabinet ranked in the order chosen by the viewers of Hot or Not. Not sure what we're talking about? See the FAQ. Got something to say? Visit the comments page.

249 Votes 
Robert Zoellick--US Trade Representative
Despite that come-hither stare, or perhaps because of it, Mr. Zoelick scored at the bottom. Stick to the steel tariffs.  
303 Votes 
Richard B. Cheney--Vice President
He looks jolly enough, but Hot or Not viewers just weren't buying it. Perhaps the most important finding of this project. Thought about a new running mate recently Mr. President?  
106 Votes 
Andrew Card, Jr--President's Chief of Staff
This may have been a case of a bad picture. Poor Andy looks like he hasn't had enough sleep and the discriminating viewers at Hot or Not could tell. Get a quick nap and try again Andy!  
162 Votes 
Tommy Thompson--Secretary of Health and Human Services
Oh sure, he's a looker, but do we really want a guy who looks this smug running our health department?  
403 Votes 
Spencer Abraham--Secretary of Energy
Despite being the largest framed of Mr. Bush's cabinet, the Energy Secretary nevertheless managed to score fairly well. We think it's that disarming grin of his. As if to say, "Go ahead, ask me if I've jawboned OPEC today."  
149 Votes 
Rod Paige--Secretary of Education
The ladies just love a guy who knows how to dance. With moves like that, Mr. Paige is gonna leave a lot of children behind.  
122 Votes 
Norman Mineta--Secretary of Transportation
Poor Norm looks a little glum in this shot. It's tough heading the Department of Transportation (which does what exactly?), but cheer up guy, you've scored in the middle of the pack.  
113 Votes 
John Snow--Secretary of the Treasury
This former president of CSX drove a freight train through the old adage that baldness is unattractive. Way to go Mr. Snow!  
220 Votes 
Tom Ridge--Secretary of Homeland Security
He's not the hottest member of the cabinet (although see our FAQ about context), but we still think Mr. Ridge is a "Code Orange." 
97 Votes 
Joshua Bolten--Director Office of Management and Budget
People in Washington know that the Office of Management and Budget is actually a shadow government running the entire country. Mr. Bolton seems to be a pretty figure head.  
78 Votes 
John Walters--Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy
One of Washington's best kept secrets, Mr. Waters' job is to fight the war on drugs. No, not terror, drugs. Remember the war on drugs? 
174 Votes 
Anthony Principi--Secretary of Veterans Affairs
He's a tall drink of water, with dark, Mediterranean features. What's not to like? 
89 Votes 
Alphonso Jackson--Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
As veterans of Hot or Not will tell you, nothing helps more than a little street cred. And find us a cabinet member with more urban experience than Mr. Jackson (we're told they call him "AJ" in the hood).  
123 Votes  
Michael Leavitt --Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
All that clean living as governor of Utah has propelled Mr. Leavitt to the top of the charts.  
167 Votes 
John Ashcroft--Attorney General
Another surprise finding of our study, Mr. Ashcroft finished in the very top of our cabinet rankings. He's already got great name recognition and a charming smile. Bush-Ashcroft '04?  
1186 Votes 
Gale Norton--Secretary of the Interior
Our favorite of the women of the cabinet. Clearly her charming smile and active lifestyle helped her score high with the Hot or Not viewers.  
1676 Votes 
Ann Veneman--Secretary of Agriculture
The head of the USDA got an "Grade A" stamp of approval from Hot or Not's distinguished viewership.  
2292 Votes 
Elaine Chao--Secretary of Labour
Sources inside the Labour Department tell us that Ms. Chao never travels without a hairdryer so that she can maintain her bouffant style. Call it vanity, but we prefer to think of it as exquisite attention to detail.  
189 Votes 
Colin Powell--Secretary of State
Everybody loves a man in uniform and Mr. Powell fills his out nicely. It's no surprise that he scored near the top of our poll.  
244 Votes 
Don Evans--Secretary of Commerce
Those of us who have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Evans know he's not just good looking, he's also got charisma. That jaunty style of his is backed up by a soft Texas drawl that's filled with down-home charm. Congratulations Don, you're the hottest member of President Bush's cabinet!  
0 Votes 
Donald Rumsfeld--Secretary of Defense
He's a perfect 10 in our book, but the censors at Hot or Not caught him (see our FAQ to find out more). Write to us and let us know how you would rank the SecDef!  

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