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ALL published and UNpublished writers, poets, poetry lovers, playwrights, linguists, polyglots, GERMAN/French/Russian/Spanish NATIVE speakers, musicians, swimmers (in the ocean of POETRY & literature, or any warm oceans around the world), world travellers and CONSERVATIVE Internet surfers, ocean/wind surfers wishing to share poetry, prose, fiction,nonfiction by famous writers and any masterpieces that YOU wrote or are writing...??,let's exchange any literary ideas over the PHONE or in PERSON
at a coffee shop near SAN FRANCISCO, California or at any beach nearby, CALL me TODAY: 650-YYY-0000 5-10 PM ? daily or best at 8-9 AM Sat/Sundays? (California time). YOUR HOME PHONE# with 8 INFO profile will get MY PHONE#... YOUR HOME PHONE# is a proof of SINCERITY & INTEGRITY, a prerequisite for FREE membership to this new Poetry Club of published and unpublished poets; introduce yourself: your age, city/state? how many poems/books have you written? published? HOW SOON do you expect to visit SAN FRANCISCO ?

News of the world...always happy news as you see...

LIFE is Poetry in MOTIONS !!
Let's "swim" in the Ocean of EMOTIONS !

Let us CHAT on the PHONE Now!: tel.# 650-YYY-0000 5-10 PM ( San Francisco,California time)

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DON"T be SHY ! ALL Mermaid fans: call me TODAY! California Time is:

Let's read poems at the beach with your guitar/harmonica/banjo...???

ALL anonymous email WITHOUT RHYMES will be ignored and/or deleted. Email with RHYMES are WELCOME !
INTRODUCE yourself over the PHONE first: HOW SOON will you be in San Francisco area?
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