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This isn't annoying music at all, is it?

This site is dedicated to honouring one of the best heroines around, The Heroine of the Dragon!

    Heroine of the Dragon (usually abbreviated HotD) rocks for the following reasons
  1. She gives out marshmallows to everyone, whether they want them or not!
  2. She's a heroine, most likely of the Dragon!
  3. She's a ninja, and we all know ninjas are cool. She's killed before, and she won't hesitate to do it again!
  4. She has a faerie army, I think.
  5. She's cooler than you.
  6. She hasn't put out a restraining order on me. Yet.
  7. She has wings; a/c and optional sunroof
  8. Her favourite smilie is the grin! Anyone who uses that all the time can't be all bad.
  9. Actually, no one really knows for sure why she rocks so much; a cadre of scientists are working day and night trying to figure this out!
  10. She throws parties all of the time. Not just boring ice cream socials, but wicked-cool parties where you have a slim-to-none chance of surviving!
  11. She can balance a pencil on her nose.
  12. When she reaches level 42, she learns Inverse Flare Spiral.
  13. She's a mystery, which only makes her more appealing.
  14. She doesn't rock that much... just kidding. She rocks da' house.
  15. She's faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive!
  16. Time Magazine listed her as Person of the Year for three non-consecutive years!
  17. She can smack people silly with her faerie wand.
  18. According to an "l337 h4XX0r", the Heroine of the Dragon "r0XX0r5 j00 b0XX0rz!"
  19. She learns Cosmic Flare Spiral at level 53.
  20. She does all of her own stunts.
  21. If rocking were people, she'd be China.
  22. She's environmentally friendly.
  23. She fully complies with ISO 9004 standards.
  24. She fights crime at night as Faerie Girl, with her rambunctious sidekick Navi!
  25. Because it beats scissors.
  26. She very well could have invented the Frisbee; I'm not too sure on that one.
  27. She doesn't not rock, that's for sure.
  28. She scores a 14 on the Fleich-Kincaid awesomeness scale.
  29. She was awarded the Nobel Prize... for rocking!
  30. She learns Dreamer Flare Helix at level 64.
  31. Only she can prevent forest fires.
  32. She didn't start World War I.
  33. Ebert and Roper gave her two thumbs up... WAY up.
  34. She has a shrine dedicated in her honour. How many people can say that?!
  35. She smashed a guitar over an amp during one of her concerts
  36. She likes Shy Guys. Shy Guys rock. Thus, The Heroine of the Dragon rocks. QED
  37. She can recite (or calculate?!) the first sixty-five thousand digits of pi on the spot
  38. She won over 2.5 million dollars in a thirty-two win streak at Jeopardy.
  39. She built a time machine out of two paper clips, a bendy straw, a few rubber bands, and a toothpick.
  40. She can solve non-linear, seventh order, variable coefficent differential equations with little or no effort. She still has some problems with eighth order, but she's workin' on it.
  41. Have any of you gotten a faerie wish from her? Then you'll see just how much she rocks. :)
  42. She has a Radio Flyer
  43. She knows why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  44. She's set the record for longest time dancing the Charleston on top of a flag pole while listening to the jazz
  45. She's sweeter than a spoonful of neotame (it's like aspartame, except with 3,3-di-methyl-butyl group attached)
  46. She was the drummer for [popular rock band] for three months
  47. She as a skeleton made of indestructable adamantium... Wait, that was Wolverine. Anyways, the Heroine still rocks nonetheless.
  48. She's really good with knots
  49. She's comprised mainly of sugar, spice, and all things having the property of "nice"
  50. She has first-strike capabilities
  51. She can float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and quack like a duck, if need be
  52. Spielburg wanted to cast her for the role of Indiana Jones, but had to settle for Harrison Ford :P
  53. She's just like you or me... except cooler somehow. And a faerie. With marshmallows.
  54. She's presented in THX 5.1 Surround Sound (where available)
  55. She strictly adheres to the Geneva convention whenever it's convenient
  56. Cookies!
  57. She chopped down the mightest tree in the forest with... a herring!
  58. She proved Fermat's Last Theorem, a truly remarkable proof which this margin is too small to contain
  59. She contains 120% of your daily recommended intake of coolness
  60. Her name's not Norman, but she can still Rock well!
  61. This proof is left as an exercise to the reader
  62. She can save you fifteen percent (or more!) on your car insurance!
  63. She can open cans without a can opener!
  64. She can cook minute rice in fourty-five seconds
  65. She beat IBM supercomputer Deep Blue at chess... without using the crowbar!
  66. "Heroine of the Dragon" is an anagram for "Go North, honed Faerie!" and "Afro-nighted honoree". How cool is that?
  67. She can jump higher than the Empire State Building! (and I bet you didn't know that the Empire State Building could jump either)
  68. She controls the New York Stock exchange with her mind, but not the NASDAQ. She controls the NASDAQ with her heart.
  69. Contrary to popular belief, Trix are also for Heroines.
  70. The Heroine of the Dragon invented the wheel. Twice.
  71. The Heroine is the only person to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis.
  72. She was the only member of a Major League Baseball team, the Faeries. Even though she was the only batter, it was allowed since she only hits homeruns. And her bat? It was made out of rainbows.
  73. She once beat Super Mario Bros. 3 without even touching the controller; she just asked the NES nicely and it beat itself because the Heroine rocks so much.
  74. She knows where Carmen Sandiego is.
  75. She stole the cookie from the cookie jar.
  76. The Heroine of the Dragon constellation consists of connecting every single star in the night sky.
  77. She can simply walk into Mordor.
  78. She built this city. She built this city on rock and roll.
  79. She solved a Rubik's Cube with one move.
  80. She flew around the world in 79 days. Take that!
  81. She discovered pasteurization. Louis Pasteur just stole the idea. :P
  82. She can install drivers for Windows ME without requiring a reboot
  83. She knows where the beef is, but is more concerned with where the marshmallows are at.
  84. She spreads happiness everywhere she goes, sadness whenever she goes
  85. She has two settings: 'sleep' and 'be awesome'.
  86. She was appointed as Secretary of Rocking-ness in 1997
  87. She has a hard time going through airport security, as she keeps tripping the 'wunnerful' detector
  88. The chief export of the Heroine is a rockin' good time.
  89. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy lists the Heroine of the Dragon as "Mostly Awesome"
  90. She unscrambled an egg, once.
  91. She won a game of Connect Four in three moves
  92. "Heroine of the Dragon" is worth 29 points in Scrabble. It's not really a reason, but, still.
  93. She always gets Blackjacks when playing Blackjack.
  94. Nostradamus predicted that one named Heroine of the Dragon would appear in the late 20th century, and that she would rock.
  95. She doesn't use a microwave to cook stuff, she uses a nanowave.
  96. She is the Fifth Element. (Nevermind wood, aether, or boron)
  97. She can derefernce null pointers and get valid data.
  98. She's more popular than Hillary Duff and the United Nations combined.
  99. And lots of other reasons.
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