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Welcome to the "Far Out" merchandise mall.  Please  browse through all of our amazing products to find the perfect gift.  We carry gags, gadgets, and just downright cool and unique merchandise. These gifts you can't just find anywhere.  They are all unique in their own way.  All of our in stock are ready to ship TODAY!  Safe and secure online ordering.  Major credit cards are accepted.  We offer a huge selection of strange, unusual, unique, and just downright COOL merchandise, party gifts, gadgets, gags, magic tricks, remote control gadgets, and games!  Please feel free to CONTACT US for any reason.  We would be glad to help you.  Statisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  Many affordable shipping options to choose from.
Whoa!!  Yes we are for real.  Check out this HUGE selection of UNIQUE gift and novelty items.  Want to send a gift that will stick out like a sore thumb?  Your gift will not be forgotten, PERIOD!  Check out our hilarious gag gifts.  All items are in stock and ready to ship today!  Below is just sample of what lies inside the "Gag" shop.

You know our Uncle Fred. He's the guy who has beans and boiled cabbage for dinner, then sprawls out in an easy chair and dares all comers to pull his finger. When you do, this social menace lets loose with a big one that makes his chair shake like a 4.0 tremor. Then he proudly gives you one of ten pungent phrases guaranteed to make you laugh. Uses 2 "AA" batteries, not included. Polyester fiber filling. 7" tall.
Pull My Finger Fred
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Linking Rings Trick

8 rings come apart, join together, etc. in many mysterious ways. 100 tricks in 1. Can be examined. Easy to do. Size 5-1/4".
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Bikini Remote

Gives new meaning to the expression, "50 channels & nothing on!" Universal infrared remote with universal appeal. You'll quickly get a feel for its classic shape. Bikini top flips up to reveal unique channel up-and-down buttons. Flip down bottoms for number and re-set controls. Compatible with nearly every brand of TV, VCR, cable box and red-blooded male ever made. Requires 2 "AA" batteries. 5-1/2" x 4-1/2".
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Small, lightweight unit easily fits in pocket or pack. Detects hand stamps, counterfeit paper money and hidden repairs. Works with black light sensitive art, paint and special effects. Great for scientific, medical and law enforcement research in the field. Features instant-on bulb, three-way switch and handy strap. Includes powerful built-in mini flashlight. Uses 4 "AA" batteries, not included. 6.25"L x .825"H x 2.25"D.
Portable Black Light
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The Simpsons - Bart's Trivia Game
The Simpsons - Bart's Trivia Game

Want to show off all that Sunday night knowledge? Play the game that's more fun than a weekend pass to Duff Gardens! 1,000 questions on five levels of difficulty are as hard as the metal plate in Principal Skinner's butt, but the answers are hilarious. Give it a shot: Who does Bart accidentally have to talk to when he prank calls Moe's? Ben Dover, Hugh Jass or Amanda Huginkiss? Or try this one: Page 6 of the Springfield Elementary School Charter states that no teacher shall be held accountable if what happens to Milhouse?
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Talking Pedometer
Cool & Unique Merchandise - TALKING PEDOMETER

Instantly know how far you've run or jogged. Versatile palm-size unit announces your step count, mileage and the current time at the press of a button. Automatically counts your steps and calculates your mileage. Plays 7 melodies in sync with your walking or jogging speed. Set the alarm for the time you want to finish with your choice of 4 alarm sounds. Clips to waistband or shirt. With complete instructions. Battery included. 2.5" x 2".
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