This page has been created for those who are interested in creating their own website.  In here you will find several links to programs which you can obtain for free to build an exciting web page of your very own.  However, for those who feel less than artistic, I will provide a link that you will be able to contact me to develope a website for  you for as little as $75.00 Per website.  Feel free to contact me for any help or questions that you may have.

There are links in here for graphics, HTML goodies, Java Scripts, midis & wavs.  You never know....Check back for new and continued updates.


Greg Hyatt
Webmaster of this site!!

This website was designed using cool page web designer.  Click on button to download your free copy!!
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  No website can not ever be complete without knowing some HTML tricks and secrets.  Fortunately I have found the place that will allow you to add some really cool effects to any website that will have your visitors saying "wow, what a cool site".  Click on the button below to go to HTML Goodies.   You will not be disappointed!!
  Do you like the music that you hear on this page.  I am going to provide you to a link of a website where you can download your very own WAV. files and MIDI. files for you to use on your very own site.  I personally recommend using MIDI.files since they load much faster than WAV.files.  However, the choice is yours.  Play with both and have fun using them.