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When I was a child I would sing the following song and dream about finding the blue bird of happiness...
Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly...Oh why then ..Oh why can't I ??"
Just like
"Shirley Temple" in the movie "The Blue Bird" , I thought if I could find the blue bird I would find happiness.  However,as I grew older I learned that each of us finds happiness in the choices we make along life's path and the turns we take along the way.
True happiness is found within each of us when we share our lives with family and friends... or reaching out to someone else with a smile or kind word.  Looking at a beautiful sunrise or sunset...or a field of flowers dancing in the wind...It is often found in the smile of a child...or listening to a choir sing... Just holding the hand of a dear mother or father can bring joy and love to warm our hearts...
Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes... So I hope you find something here that will bring you happiness or remind you of days gone by when your heart was filled with love and happiness and may  you  always have a blue bird of happiness sitting on your shoulder..and you have found your own happi-"nest" that you call "home"..
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Just click on me and we will fly to somewhere over the rainbow
This many visitors have flown by .....
Thank you, and come again!!!
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Hello and welcome to  Margaret's "nest" where blue birds of happiness can be found....
I hope you enjoy my site and feel free to look around resting on a branch now and then ....finding something of interest to you.
My "nests" are filled with people and places that have brought me happiness through out the years.
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