Hi, Duck's is a family owned business located in Kenna, WV.  Everything is done at home in a separate kitchen (which meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements).  Everything here is done by family and friends.  Everything from making the product, to advertising, to labeling.  We enjoy making this product both because of the comments we get from buyers and just for the simple fact that making the product gives us all an excuse to get together and enjoy each others company.  The company itself is named after my dad (Donald "Duck" Miller).  We wanted to keep a simple, down to earth name.  The brains of the operation is equally divided between my dad and my mom (Donna Miller).  My main job is labor, that and gopher.  :)  We attend several arts & craft festivals each year and our product is available in over 20 stores nationwide.  We also take orders by phone at (304) 988-9444 between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. est.  Or if you would prefer to e-mail us your order that is fine as well.  Our e-mail address is  We accept checks or credit cards at On paypal our account is   Just e-mail your order to us and send payment.  Your order will be sent out immediately.

Price List:
Pepper Butter - $5.50 a jar plus shipping
Mexicana Salsa (Mild, Medium, Hot, Mucho Hot) - $5.50 a jar plus shipping

Hot Picalilli - $5.50 a jar plus shipping

Marinated Green Tomatoes (Mild, Medium, Hot, and Hot Hot) - $5.50 a jar plus shipping

Bar-B-Que Sauce - $4.00 a jar plus shipping

Special - Mix and match any case (12 jars) for $60.00 plus shipping. Shipping is:
$4 for up to three jars
$6 for up to six jars
$8 for up to nine jars
$10 for up to a case of 12 jars
Here is a terrible picture, look for better pictures to come in the very near future.

We accept PayPal!
Here is another terrible last minute picture of a couple of our products.
We accept Paypal. If you would like to pay with PayPal our account is