Well as you can probably guess by my "handle" I like to throw the dice from time to time. I can actually blame this vice on genetics, as my mom is a black jack dealer, and my dad likes to frequent the casinos on a regular basis. In fact my dad says "when playing craps, never bet the hardways or on the field, as they are sucker bets. If you feel the need to bet on them, simply put your wager in your pocket and you will be that much ahead at the end of the night". Thanks for the advice dad.

Another "vice" that I have is my love of motorcycles. To be more specific, Harley's. If you actually want to drill down further, anything pre-evolution is fine with me. I have a 1970 XLCH Ironhead, and a 1964 FLH Panhead. No "pushbutton starters" on these babies (in fact sometimes they do not start at all). These are real Harley's, a man's bike. Tim Taylor would be proud of these, uh uh uh.

Fortunately for me, many bike rallies are held close to casinos (oh how fortunate). In April 2002, I attended
The Laughlin River Run for the first time. Let me tell you the stars (as well as "The Angels") must have been aligned just perfect. Does anyone know what happens when you parlay a $10 hard-8 three times in a row (no the soft-8 or 7 did not hit). Let me add to the fact that I was at Harrah's, early in the AM on Saturday morning and did not receive any "lead poisoning". Needless to say, shortly after I returned from Laughlin, I announced the arrival of my 1964 FLH Panhead. What did I tell my dad you ask? "Gee dad, I did not bet on the field, that's a sucker bet."

My first adventure with that ol' Panhead was to the ABATE Fossil Run on Memorial Day Weekend 2002. It took me about 24 hours to make a two hour run, but I made it there none the less. I managed to set up camp (or my bike managed to quite) right next to Rick Disrud, owner of Mid Valley Cycles, located in Hubbard, Oregon. He volunteered to help me out, and within the wink of an eye  he and his buddies had my new toy half dismantled right there in camp. I must give Rick credit though, he had me up and running by the end of the weekend. I am proud to say that my return trip home took slightly over two hours and outside of the rain, was very pleasant. Give ol' Rick, at
Mid Valley Cycles a call if you need any help with your Harley as they are good people. Hey, he will even teach you how to start your bike...

In August of 2002 I visited
Sturgis Bike Week for the first time, and guess what?  I'll be there next year, and the next, and the next etc, as this is no doubt the ultimate in biker gatherings. Another thing my dad always says; "if you are going somewhere new, make sure that your presence has been noticed." Thanks for the advice dad.

Well anyway, shortly after arriving at Sturgis, I layed that big "custom" Panhead down on Main Street. Yes I did, yours truly here, the biker of all bikers (yeah right).

Anyway, what happend was; I was inching along Main Street  amongst the crowd of bikers doing a whopping 1/4 mile per hour (realistically my attention was focused on all of the scantily clad/practically naked pretty girls walking along Main Street as opposed to my riding). We were motoring along two abreast and as I was putting my foot down towards the pavement, my pant leg caught on the head of my shifter bolt. By the time I could release my foot I had lost the "balance" of that big ole Panhead.

Fortunately for me, an anonymous guy riding next to me on a Road King (yes a new TC-88) popped that baby into neutral, jumped off his bike and help me save Hard-8 just as the grip was touching that famed Sturgis Main Street Asphalt. If that guy on the TC-88 Road King is reading this, look me up next year and I'll buy you a beer. As for my dad, thanks for the advice.

(continues next column)

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Street Vibrations 2002 finished at the end of September. This was the 9th year in a row that I have attended this rally, but since this is held in Reno, NV it should come as no surprise to any of you. I started out the week staying at my cousins house (he lives in Sparks, NV), however, I eventually found my favorite craps table  and they soon "comp'd" me my favorite room. What is the best biker activity to do at Street Vibrations? Let me suggest the "Cathouse Poker Run."

Next time you are in Reno check out those "cathouses." It does not have to be during Street Vibrations, in fact they are open all of the time and they will welcome you with open... well let's just say they will take care of you.. By the way, be sure to let them know that "hotdyceshootr" sent you. Hey, thanks again for the advice dad.

Just remember;  when playing craps first look for a table that is not consistently rolling sevens after the point has been established (be patient, they are out there). After you have found it, bet the pass and the come line, and of course always lay maximum odds. Never bet the field, and when it comes to the hardways....

E-mail me, I'll give you the rest of the story.

Justa hint; like last year 2003, no triple crown winner in 2004. Smarty Who?

Update 8-27-2005. 
Wow, where have I been for the last year???? My last report was  just after Reagan's funeral. Well I am still alive and kickin' (literally) and I am very proud to say that after all of those years of selling drugs that I have turned to a new product. Water! Yes that's right, good ole H2O. The building block of life.

Update 11-15-2005. Following in her Father's footsteps,
my oldest daughter (Little Hen 1) as a Freshman has earned a Varsity Letter from her High School. That's one letter down and seven to go to catch "yours truly" here, but I wouldn't "bet" against her. Go Girl Go!

Update 4-2-2006. Little Hen 1 just racked up another Varsity Letter. That's two down and six to go. I can hear her breathing down my neck, but she still has a way to go.

April 17, 2006. I just finished my taxes. Hey I have picked 5 out of 7 winners so far in this years NASCAR Cup series. E-mail me for "hotdyceshootr's NASCAR Cup pick of the week!" Can you afford not to?

I have just completed an engine overhaul on ol' Hard 8. Look out for me now. This bike that was originally manufactured during the latter days of the Kennedy administration (October '63) has a new lease on life.

Street Vibrations '06 is Sept 20-24th. See ya there.

My youngest daughter (Little Hen 2) who is entering the 8th grade this year is definitely a soccer phenom and has a future in the sport. In July '06 she worked out with the University of Portland (2005 Womens Soccer NCAA National Champions). This camp featured high school players from around the country as well as current and former U of P players and coaches. My 8th grade daughter played forward and was one of the high scorer's throughout the week. Look out World Cup here comes my offspring!!!

On Thursday September 21, 2006, Hotdyceshootr (ridin' Hard-8) and The Hitman left for Reno. That Panhead rode strong all the way down and back. The only mishap was a shorted out ignition switch on the way down, however, a little piece of wire acquired by The Hitman and I had Hard-8 "hotwired" for the rest of the trip. Who says that you need a key anyway? Check out my "blog" to read about the rest of the adventure.

Update 11-6-2006. Hotdyceshootr, Biker Babe, the Zigzag Choppers Security Dogs and of course Hard-8 are moving! That's right taking advantage of some career opportunities (pushing those drugs again), we are pulling up stakes and relocating. Where do you think we will end up?

We found a house... It is in Bend, Oregon. Update: Little Hen 1 just racked up her third, fourth & fifth Varsity Letter.

Update 11-29-2007. Little Hen 2 as a freshman made the Varsity Soccer team for her high school and was a starter as well. She just recieved her first Varsity Letter!. 

The "gang" gets ready to roll out of town. This "sleepy little residential street" in Sparks, NV can rest again until next year....
A Tip from Hotdyceshootr:
Dont' forget to service your front wheel bearings. 
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